“It was noticeable that Frank Lampard referred to Manchester City as ‘this club’ throughout his post-match interview. No ‘we’ or ‘City’ to be seen. ‘Obviously I’m now playing for this club.’”
— BBC Sport (via claireyg)

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Year 2014 and I’m still trying to figure out how can people find Neymar attractive

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The fact that Frank looked genuinely upset after scoring that goal, and had zero intention of celebrating shows just how much he continues to love and respect this club and its fans. Everyone knows which team he’d be on if he had his choice. And it isn’t the one he scored for.

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I feel like a rusty knife has been plunged into my heart and twisted round a few times

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Louvre - Paris - France (by Michiel Buijse)


Louvre - Paris - France (by Michiel Buijse)

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